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We're Ba-ack...with a New Website + a Blog & Social Media

After a year-long hiatus, the new is up and ready for visitors! You'll find it more agile and easier to navigate. The design is clean, bright and bold.

Kick back with a cup of java or tea and take a short tour. You'll find the usual suspects, of course, plus a new offering or two.

Services fine tuned to offer you a boutique of specialties:

  • Content Marketing

  • New! Sustainability Communications

  • PR & Promotion

  • B2B & DTC Copywriting

  • Meeting and Event Planning

  • New! Publication services for self-published authors -- editing, formatting, design & consultation, proposal writing, plus a little coaching here and there

Projects that showcase recent and selected work, to be rotated over time.

New blog featuring tips and news on marketing, sustainability, promotion, and writing, interesting articles, news & events, new small projects, etc.

Links to the Lombri Writes social media: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+

Contact page to make it easy for us to connect.

There's more to watch this space!





#Copywriting #Sustainability #AuthorServices #ContentMarketing #MeetingEventPlanning

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