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What Do You Do When You've Been Downsized?

Re-posted from a past LombriWrites Wordpress blog.

Just when I was thinking about how I wanted the last 10 years or so of my career to look, I was given an unexpected change in direction. "Sorry...your job's been's not's the economy. But, congrats! You've won an early retirement package!"

Say what? RETIREMENT? Me? LOL...only 63...single Mom...kid in high on the horizon...OMG...NO WAY! Yes...WAY.

Four years later, the kid's going into year 2 of college. I've refined and re-launched my consulting business, centering it around what I love most: writing. My first novel is published and more are on the way. My life is a quirky combo of calm, scary, satisfying, uncertain, freeing, really scary, fun, and exciting.

Here are a few learnings for my fellow Boomers facing the dreaded Downsizing Phenom:

  • Embrace it. Change is good, so lean into it. Remember the adage, When one door closes, another opens. It's true...honest.

  • Pause and refresh. Maybe it's time to take a break, spend more time with family and friends, finally get to your kids' games, or go on that postponed dream trip. Take up yoga or the guitar. Join a fitness program or a book club. Whatever gets you back to center or re-energizes you, just do it. Do it now. You'll thank yourself later.

  • Take Inventory. What did you like/not like about your job/career? What are your strengths and weaknesses? What do you bring to the game? Where do you want to be now, in five years, and beyond? Do you need more tools or training? Figure it out.

  • Make a plan. Now you're the product. So apply all you know about strategic planning, marketing, sales, promotion, and any other tactics you've used in business to YOU. Sell it.

  • Maximize your resources. If your package included an outplacement service, use it. Read the how-to-reinvent-your-career books that resonate. Seek out the like-minded in professional associations, conventions, community events, PTA meetings, etc. Network. Network. Network.

Go for it! We only go around once...some say.


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