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A Tweet Heard Round the World

Originally posted on LombriWrites Wordpress Blog on May 27, 2013.

Well, that may be a slight overstatement. But if you are new to Tweeting, and you wonder if it is a waste of time...I assure you it is not! You never know where a tweet about your products or your writing (published or not) will take you.

Case in point: A tweet made in February 2013 about the first book I co-authored and self-published led to a featured spot in a March USA Today article! Written by then USA financial editor Rodney Brooks, the article covered Boomer encore careers. My co-author Virginia Cornue and I appeared in four paragraphs at the top of the article. A photo the book -- The Mystery of the Ming Connection by (pen name) Crystal Sharpe -- was also featured. The result: the book's rating and sales on spiked for a week.

So Tweet on, people, tweet on!


#SelfPublishing #News

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